Toddler Hitting: What to do?

You have a problem with your toddler hitting anyone including you. This is a problem faced by so many parents, but this is not alarming. Parents should handle this in a methodical way and make sure that this will not become habitual.

In this post I will explain reasons why toddlers’ hits. I will also enumerate ways on how to prevent or to handle this kind of behavior by your toddler. We will recommend the proper way to react to this kind of behavior of your kid.


It is important to bear in mind that when a toddler hit their parents or other children, it is a mean of expression for your child. So, you should not worry this is not deliberately done by your toddler to hit anybody. Toddler does not know how to express themselves and their emotions such as anger and frustration, so they tend to hit the person who upsets them.

This may be minor, but this should be properly addressed because if you will do things to stop it, it will be difficult to manage in the future.


There are solutions on how to deal with toddler hitting behavior problem. These steps are easy to apply and effective.

Be vulnerable. Let your child know that it hurts when you hit others. You can exaggerate by making sad face and let your toddler that your unhappy because your kid hit you. It is important that your kid understand the consequence of their behavior.

Explain why it’s not okay to hit. Tell your child it is wrong, and it is not good to hit others because it is violent and does not say I love you. Make it clear to your child that you love him therefore you do not hit him.

Be compassionate. Make sure that your child knows that you understand how it is hard to manage their emotions. Tell him that you also feel anger or upset but you express it with words not and not with hitting others. If your child does not speak well, you can teach him nonverbal actions.

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Do not hesitate to punish if your child continues to hit others. You should make clear to your child that you are punishing him because of his hitting behavior. You should emphasize that you love him and hitting is the one that is bad that is why he is being punished.

Implementing these simple ways consistently can stop the hitting behavior of your kids.