Football Worldwide

Football has taken over the world by storm. In America, football is known as soccer. Sometimes it is confused with American Football. No, it is a completely different sport. American football the one in the NFL is huge in the United States. It surpasses NBA in terms of its scope and its influence all over the country.

Soccer in America is not as huge as it is worldwide. It has been overshadowed by American football and basketball. In most continents and countries soccer is the number one sports.

Even if this sport is dubbed as the “most beautiful game”, American does not buy it and even call it soccer while whole world calls it football. Speaking of beautiful game you can get your promo codes for your favorite online casino from this site

Reasons Why Americans Don’t Like Soccer

To add to this soccer is played for two hours which not appealing to Americans because time is money. They don’t want to spend their free time watching a 2-hour sports event.

Next reason is that Americans cannot stand a tie. Americans get furious on a game that they watch for two hours just to end up in a tie. Unlike basketball that it should be decided who would win until the end. In soccer there is a possibility that the game would end up in a tie.

To wrap this up, what is important is whatever sports you prefer, you had enjoyed your time. Football unites people and that is a wonderful thing to ponder on.