Toddler Hitting: What to do?

You have a problem with your toddler hitting anyone including you. This is a problem faced by so many parents, but this is not alarming. Parents should handle this in a methodical way and make sure that this will not become habitual.

In this post I will explain reasons why toddlers’ hits. I will also enumerate ways on how to prevent or to handle this kind of behavior by your toddler. We will recommend the proper way to react to this kind of behavior of your kid.


It is important to bear in mind that when a toddler hit their parents or other children, it is a mean of expression for your child. So, you should not worry this is not deliberately done by your toddler to hit anybody. Toddler does not know how to express themselves and their emotions such as anger and frustration, so they tend to hit the person who upsets them.

This may be minor, but this should be properly addressed because if you will do things to stop it, it will be difficult to manage in the future.


There are solutions on how to deal with toddler hitting behavior problem. These steps are easy to apply and effective.

Be vulnerable. Let your child know that it hurts when you hit others. You can exaggerate by making sad face and let your toddler that your unhappy because your kid hit you. It is important that your kid understand the consequence of their behavior.

Explain why it’s not okay to hit. Tell your child it is wrong, and it is not good to hit others because it is violent and does not say I love you. Make it clear to your child that you love him therefore you do not hit him.

Be compassionate. Make sure that your child knows that you understand how it is hard to manage their emotions. Tell him that you also feel anger or upset but you express it with words not and not with hitting others. If your child does not speak well, you can teach him nonverbal actions.

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Do not hesitate to punish if your child continues to hit others. You should make clear to your child that you are punishing him because of his hitting behavior. You should emphasize that you love him and hitting is the one that is bad that is why he is being punished.

Implementing these simple ways consistently can stop the hitting behavior of your kids.

Football Worldwide

Football has taken over the world by storm. In America, football is known as soccer. Sometimes it is confused with American Football. No, it is a completely different sport. American football the one in the NFL is huge in the United States. It surpasses NBA in terms of its scope and its influence all over the country.

Soccer in America is not as huge as it is worldwide. It has been overshadowed by American football and basketball. In most continents and countries soccer is the number one sports.

Even if this sport is dubbed as the “most beautiful game”, American does not buy it and even call it soccer while whole world calls it football. Speaking of beautiful game you can get your promo codes for your favorite online casino from this site

Reasons Why Americans Don’t Like Soccer

Main reason why soccer is less popular in the US is its because of the culture. In America, most of the people like big things, big car, big building and yes big people. Soccer is a sport that does not require you to be big to play. Unlike in basketball or American football that you need size and height to take advantage of the sport.

Another reason why soccer is not so popular in the States is that it is not ideal for marketing or business. Soccer compared to basketball, American football and baseball have less breaks in between games. This means less opportunities for advertisement which means revenue for the channel it is on. When you want opportunities for bovada bonus codes you can got to these blog articles.

To add to this soccer is played for two hours which not appealing to Americans because time is money. They don’t want to spend their free time watching a 2-hour sports event.

Next reason is that Americans cannot stand a tie. Americans get furious on a game that they watch for two hours just to end up in a tie. Unlike basketball that it should be decided who would win until the end. In soccer there is a possibility that the game would end up in a tie.

To wrap this up, what is important is whatever sports you prefer, you had enjoyed your time. Football unites people and that is a wonderful thing to ponder on.

How to Have Confidence?

I am a child that is always been shy. I opt to stay away from people as much as possible. There is a feeling inside me that wants to walk away and retreat to my shell. Even my parents encourage me to go out and make friends with other people. I know they are worried about me.

Since childhood my companion were always either books, the TV and of course with my parents. I was an only child so I don’t have anyone of my age that I can play with. I feel alone always especially when my parents are out for work. Well there is my nanny that takes care of me when they are off to work.

When I grow up, I am still shy. I was thinking that as I age, I will overcome my shyness and will grow confident, but I was wrong. I grew distant and aloof to people. I know I need help and desperate for one.

Seeking Help

I know I must seek professional help and undergo counseling. My mother helped me with it. As my parents I know they are also suffering. They want me to be normal and go get out with other people. My parents want me to have friends.

A friend of my mother told her that I should undergo counseling. There is so many counseling professionals in our place, Tulsa, OK (wiki).

Of the many options on the search that we did we book an appointment with MC a great counseling facility in Tulsa. We found the #1 rated counselor in Tulsa, Oklahoma pretty easily.

We went there and we are welcomed cheerfully the counselor there was accommodating and received us professionally.

We started the session by highlighting what are my strengths and learn to capitalize on them. Hopefully I will be able to overcome this situation I have right now. I really want to change and be confident.

Soccer for Kids

Soccer as a sport to practice in the winter months, before it is played in the summer. In the USA, it is common for schools to have soccer fields available after school. The only problem with this system is that it leads to many youth players playing soccer during the summer when they could have been learning more productive lessons. After all, if the winter months are not spent playing, how can they learn?

Soccer was originally played at the high school level in the US, but as other sports emerged, and more and more kids started to play them, it was decided that high school would be replaced by a more recreational season. This led to a decline in the number of teams, and the time of the season.

In order to ensure that soccer didn’t end up like rugby, football, and hockey (which are all popular and played throughout the year), the USFA organized the youth soccer leagues, which are run in cooperation with the youth football association.

While the top league, U-14, was never entirely professional, most of the others are open to professional teams, and the majority of the clubs are full of former high school players. This year there will be a double header, and the USFA is expecting to have around 900 teams with around 200,000 kids participating in the next four years. And of course, the kids have to love it. Like betmeister that provides you the best team to bet on.

“It’s a big commitment, because you have to live with your team,” says Mike, an 18-year-old former pro player. “You’re going to be around them for six or seven hours a day for four years, and when the club is gone, they’re gone for good.

But I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve grown as a person, as a player, and the thing that has impressed me most is that it’s not works. It’s not something that I have to get up at five or six in the morning and I have to get to practice on time. It’s a great way to unwind.”

Kids Like it

For kids like Nick, the commitment to the game itself is not nearly as significant as the personal risk involved. “The biggest issue you have is that it’s a 24/7 job, and you’re constantly going up against guys you’re going to know and you’re going to compete against, and there’s no time to really have a real life,” he says. “Even though I love playing basketball, sometimes the reality of it weighs more than the love of the game.”

This is not the first time Nick has chosen to participate in a project other than basketball. Before his sophomore year at Duke, he participated in a Project Harmony mentor ship program that has resulted in more than 800 young people around the country signing up to be mentors for at-risk youth. It is like answering the question is bovada legal in the US, you can find the answer here,

The mentor ship program is modeled after the famous AAU programs like the one founded by Rick Pitino. It’s a program that gives teens a mentor to assist them as they build their basketball abilities.

The young people learn by giving mentees advice and examples of how they can improve their game. “Some of the advice that they give is, if I get an opportunity, I can be one of the best players in the game,” Nick says.

While some AAU programs recruit basketball players to serve as mentors and role models.